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The Speakers

Be Brave Stamp cream

People who have their own business experience to share and story to tell, and people who are experts in a specific aspect of business.


Matt Duggan

The Power of Facebook in Your Business

Nicki Davey

Find Your Voice - Find Your Power

Mary Collin

Go Home With A Plan - BraveFest The Next 90 Days

Marianne Page

What If Business Was Easy? - Develop Your Own McFreedom System

Lucy Whittington

Meaningful vs Mundane - how to change the balance in your business

Asher Hardy

How to Record Useable Video From Your Phone

Kym Vincenti

Moksha - liberation and release

Heena Thaker

Are Your Money Stories Running You? How To Be Intentional About Your Wealth

Andy Gwynn

LinkedIn - The Most Under Utilised Marketing Tool In Your Business

Will Dolan

Get Confident on Camera - You Can't Afford Not To

Lynda Holt

Change Your Narrative - Change Your Business & The Brave Business Process

Gavin Presman

Free Your Mind - Find Wisdom In The Forest Using Mindfulness Techniques