Nikki Davey

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Find your voice - Find your power

We have evolved to express ourselves through singing.  Singing is our birthright, regardless of musical experience or ability, and yet we hold back; self-conscious, afraid of not being good enough, worried about what others may think. In this workshop, you’ll awaken your true voice, be your courageous self, and experience the sheer joy of singing with others. We’ll use breathing exercises, play with sound, and sing simple tribal chants and songs to awaken and activate your voice. You’ll build confidence and discover your instinctive, authentic voice – the voice of spirit, essence and truth. Singing enables us to be ourselves, makes us feel great, and helps us to connect with others. Join us for this joyful, liberating workshop and express yourself without fear, judgement or criticism. Sing with courage, confidence, and passion, and be inspired to take this power away to use in your work and your life.

Nicki is Director and founder of Saltbox Training & Events, which provides training to help individuals and organisations to perform better, achieve more, and be happier and healthier. Nicki has over 25 years’ leadership, management and training experience, and uses imaginative, enjoyable methods so that people participate more, learn better and are inspired to put their learning into practice. Her boundless energy, ability to engage people, and a strong sense of fun has earned her a reputation as an inspiring leader and innovative trainer who generates deep learning. Nicki is also a singer, musician, and music promoter. She sings in a band and runs music festivals, concerts and open mic sessions. Nicki is passionate about the power of singing to inspire people, make them feel fantastic, and to improve relationships and change organisational culture.