Mary Collin

Pain, Pleasure or Procrastination - Does 90 Day Planning Make A Difference?

I'm sure you've heard the old adage - "piss poor planning = piss poor performance", yet how often do you embark on something without fully preparing?

Successful businesses plan - they plan strategically, they plan for the next 12 months and they plan in detail the next 90 days. 90 day planning is at first a discipline, then a habit and ultimately a way of life - part of the rhythm of your business. In this session, Mary is going to share with you her model for 90 day planning, used by 100's of business owners year on year. 

Mary works primarily in the field of professional development – building a franchised team of Trainers and Coaching.  She combines her passions for people and business through Business Coaching (her 9 Box Model includes a simple one-page business plan covering the ‘NEEBS Model’ – the Nine Essential Elements for Business Success).  She also believes in personal development via Behavioural Profiling, EQ/EI and leadership skills.

Her clients find this an inspired combination for those who are open to being the best they can be and who are ready to transform and grow their businesses and enjoy a balance in their personal lives too.
As a Professional Speaker and a businesswoman, Mary is totally committed to personal and professional development.  She is keen to share what she has learned with others.