Heena Thaker


Intentional Wealth Creation

If financial worries are holding you back from stepping up to your full potential, but you are ready to change your situation join me for this masterclass.

In order to have more money, you must explore and shift your mindset around having more money. If you are brave enough, I will show you how to bridge the gap between your vision for your life and the real financial fundamentals in terms of mindset and practicalities to make it happen.

Heena Thaker is a successful entrepreneur and passionate advocate of compassion and connection when building a profitable, socially responsible business.

Heena is gifted with the ability to fly between big purpose vision and bottom-line results. She easily pinpoints what generates wealth and what needs to be let go. Heena believes the difference between those who create wealth and those who experience financial hardship or lack, is just one thing, education, in how to manage their wealth. With wholehearted love in her work, she now inspires and mentors others to find their own way to wealth.