Asher Hardy


Why Your Smartphone is Your Own Portable Studio

Video is crucial to getting your message out there in the SME world - but it can cost loads, right? Oh, no? Well... it's an awful lot of Ok, well then it's certainly very Huh...
Turns out, all you need is your phone! Asher will share the best ways to light, frame, dress, stand, and even options for editing your masterpiece. Your videos will stand out miles above the rest, and you'll start seeing some serious results.

Asher Hardy is a director of Firewood Pictures, a film and video production company in the West Midlands, founded in 2013. In that time, he has directed over 250 pieces of film and video, shot documentary content across the UK and America, and has helped hundreds of business owners, leaders and trainers unlock their potential on camera. With a background in theatre, he has an extensive knowledge of directing and performance coaching that he’s used to bring his clients to the best version of themselves on camera.