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27th - 29th September 2019

A unique business gathering where you hang out with a bunch of inspiring people, challenge yourself, develop your business and have fun.


Your business is not growing the way you'd like it to be

You feel stuck - like there is so much more just beyond your grasp

You are brilliant at what you do - but not so hot on selling yourself

You are caught in the time for money trap

You have hit overwhelm - your business is running you!

Deep down, you know you need to be braver if you want to make stuff happen

You love the idea of hanging out with other business owners deep in the forest

You want to get really clear about your next steps


BraveFest is for business owners, creators and drivers of change - people who are curious, committed and who want to be more courageous about what they do, how they grow and the contribution they make. This unique event combines all the merits of a great conference with the adventure & fun of a festival. The result - two & a half days of powerful personal & business growth.

Some of the things we'll be talking about:

  • Five Pillars of a Brave Business 
  • Facebook - what's working & what kills your reach
  • How to take great video with your phone
  • Neurobiology for success
  • How to be more connected in your business
  • LinkedIn as a marketing tool
  • Mindfulness in the forest
  • Creating Intentional wealth
  • How systems set you free in business
  • Get confident on camera
  • Storytelling and narratives
  • What brand is really about and how hone yours
  • Find your own voice in a noisy world
  • 90 day planning
  • Yoga in the forest
  • Outdoor activities like axe throwing, ropes & zip wire
  • Campfires
  • Singing and more storytelling around the fire


In true festival style, you will be able to choose how you spend your time, as there will always be at least two different things going on. There will be a number of places you can hang out, some outdoors some undercover.


Keynote speakers, people who have their own business experience to share and story to tell, and people who are experts in a specific aspect of business.

Speakers include: Lynda Holt, Matt Duggan, Lucy Whittington, Marianne Page, Andy Gwynn and many more.


Interactive workshops and practical sessions designed to get you working on yourself and your business so that you leave BraveFest with some tangible actions.

Speakers include: Mary Collin, Rob Langston, Nicki Davey, Heena Thaker Asher Hardy and Will Dolan


An opportunity to mastermind your specific business challenge with Lynda Holt and fellow BraveFest delegates. Small intimate groups, matched in experience levels to allow you to deep dive into those things that keep you stuck. You will get the chance to sign up for these ahead of the event.


There really is something for everyone, and they are all optional. You can enjoy guided woodland walks, Forest Mindfulness led by Gavin Presman challenge yourself with high ropes, zips wires and axe throwing, and set yourself up for the day with yoga and meditation led by Kym Vincenti.


Space for you to  network, meet the speakers or just chill and have a coffee. Refreshments and lunch will also be served in here.


No festival in the forest would be complete without a campfire, so on Friday and Saturday evenings we will be hosting a supper and campfire. We know it’s spring and England, so there will be sheltered alternatives just in case.

If you play an instrument and want to join in or do a set, please bring it along or let us know in advance. There will also be a bar available if you wish to purchase drinks.


Lynda is the award winning CEO of an international consultancy & coaching business and a champion for the creative, the committed and the courageous. Over the last 17 years Lynda has helped 1,000’s of people to make their own impact, their way. Her message is unequivocal, ‘show up, be brave and do what you believe in’

Lynda says...

“I am super excited about BraveFest, mostly because it’s my ideal business event. It’s fun, it’s different, it’s full of great wisdom, and while the outcomes are action orientated, the event is about creating the space for you to get exactly what you need.

If we want things to be different we have to be different – and let’s face it that can be easier said than done if we are stuck in the same routines and patterns.

You know, running a business is an adventure – and like all good adventures, it’s exciting, challenging, fun and seriously scary some of the time! To grow, stay fulfilled and have an impact, you need to invest in yourself and give yourself the time, space and freedom to do what you are here to do."

BraveFest is about challenge and adventure; it's about doing something different and making the things that matter to you happen. The weekend is  themed around the five pillars of brave business. 







People who have their own business experience to share and story to tell, and people who are experts in a specific aspect of business.


Although I’ve run my own business for many years, I decided to attend Lynda’s business workshops to get a few tips and confirm that we were on the right track.
Lynda’s approach was pragmatic and totally engaging having a profound effect on the way we approached our business. Her supportive but tenacious manner ensured that the whole group moved forward. I moved from ‘I know all this but it won’t work for me’ to ‘This process has speeded up my thinking and got me into action”

Jane Armytage

Athena Professional

I’m a bit of a seminar junkie, I enjoy them from a social perspective as well as for the learning, but before I met Lynda I suppose I was a bit stuck. Although I’d been to a lot of seminars and got lots of books, I didn’t do much with the things I learned.
The first time I heard Lynda speak she made me feel a bit uncomfortable – like she could see inside my head, like she knew the real reasons I didn’t do anything to grow my business. I knew she’d challenged me, changed me and I’m not going to just accept any healthcare consultancy work I can get anymore; I’m going to stay in my niche – patient safety and I’ll charge more, the clarity and focus I got from Lynda’s day has helped me be braver!!

David Adams

Adams Associates

I’ve had a great day, I’ve got a daring plan and i just need to bring it to life – Lynda pushed me to play bigger and showed me the way to do it. We’ve had great speakers and the focus on ourselves has made the biggest difference for me – I believe I can do it!!

Ruth Oshikanlu

Tune Into Your Baby

We’ve had some great speakers, I’ve learned a lot about where I’m in my own way, Lynda has this way of challenging you nicely, but in a way you know you need to do more if you don’t want to be stuck. I’ve got some things to do to tighten up my business and been inspired to do more of what I enjoy most.

Sharon Gaskin

The Trainers Training Company

I have welcomed the knowledge and understanding that Lynda has over a wide range of business practices and the way in which she can work with entrepreneurs in a conference situation or in a 1:1 mentoring situation. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help and support those who would benefit from her knowledge and skills

Philip Cullen MBA

Henley Business School

Although I have known Lynda for a couple of years, this was the first time I had attended an event designed and run by her. It was a worthwhile two days, I was both challenged and stimulated. Lynda is able to guide a room of disparate people towards becoming a collaborative, supportive group who share their learning and discovery. I came away with clarity and defined actions.

Lyndsey Rees-Jones

Real Time Release

I attended Lynda’s two day business development bootcamp. She is expert in skilled at helping others to think strategically and creatively about the development of their own business. Even better, she does this with enthusiasm, warmth and humour. I look forward to working with her again.

Helen Hobart

Helping Hands



  • Access to all keynotes, workshops activities and festival areas.
  • Free flowing tea, coffee and water throughout the day
  • Lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Supper on Friday and Saturday
  • Festival workbook


  • Overnight accommodation*
  • Drinks purchased from the bar
  • All prices are exclusive of VAT

Ticket sales will be capped at 50 to ensure you get the best possible experience.

*Overnight accommodation is not included, but camping may be available on site or at an adjacent campsite for a fee. There are a wide range of B&Bs and hotels within close proximity, details of any preferential rates will be provided on booking.


New Forest Outdoor Centre
Minstead Manor Estate,
Minstead, Lyndhurst SO43 7GA
0238 028 4401

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BraveFest Early Bird Tickets  £495 (+vat)